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Asiya.org exists to disseminate high-quality informational resources on magical theory and practice. Asiya.org's general philosophy is to avoid kookiness and to embrace the practical. This material will be of interest to the discerning Wiccan, Pagan, Witch, ceremonial magician, chaos magician, Tarot reader, and astrologer. Resources are available in many forms: books, essays, rituals, tables, audio, video, and art. There's a lot of content here; you could happily spend many hours reading and studying.

Asiya.org has been online since August 2001.

The word "Asiya" is an alternate spelling for Assiah. Assiah is the Qabalistic fourth world, our Earthy material world of manifestation, action, and completion.

About the Webmaster


My name is Melisande Rozele Maquet. I live in Texas with Darcy Kuntz, two dogs, and two cats.

As I was growing up, I took a great interest in and practiced things such as lucid dreaming, handwriting analysis, self-hypnosis, meditation, yoga, and affirmations.

I have practiced magick since 1998. I lived and breathed Wicca for about four years, always as a solitary, writing my own rituals, experimenting, learning by trial and error. Craving more spiritual and experimental goals, I branched out into studying and practicing elements of Thelema, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, chaos magick, Qabalah, alchemy, etc.

I was a member of Dragon Rouge (in Sweden) for a few years, but it’s no fun when the closest lodge is thousands of miles away. Today I am a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the Martinist Order of Unknown Philosophers, and the Ordo Templi Astartes. I find most aspects of Thelema agreeable. Hermetic Qabalah and the Tarot have an especially warm place in my heart. When I need to get something practical done in a magical way, I usually turn to chaos magick techniques.

Nowadays my magical practice is geared towards self-knowledge as well as exploring different realities through shifts in perception, trance, meditation, etc. I strive to be an effective individual, a source of positive change in the world. Part of being effective is knowing yourself and your environment, and magick helps to uncover those truths.

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