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Types of Sites in the Intelligent Magick Webring

The Intelligent Magick webring groups together intelligent, quality sites devoted to any magical tradition, subject, or practice. This includes but is not limited to: Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganism, ceremonial magick, Thelema, Qabalah, Golden Dawn, chaos magick, Tarot, astrology, etc. The emphasis is on quality. What is meant by an "intelligent" magick site? A site which is helpful to the occult community, either by presenting original content, fundamental texts, or resources (e.g. community forums, databases, archives, directories, Pagan or magick software). A site which is designed for its readership.

Sites presenting only content found a thousand other places, sites which promote historical revisionism, fluffy-bunny sites, "psychic" or paranormal sites, will not be accepted. Commercial sites may be accepted if they also offer substantial free content.

The Purpose of the Intelligent Magick Webring

The rare content-driven occult websites out there should be recognized. Firstly, by simply saying to their webmasters, "Hey - good job and thanks for the site." Secondly, these intelligent sites should be grouped together in a way that is easy for seekers to find them.

The signal to noise ratio has lowered as more people have gained access to the internet. Pagans and magicians new to the internet are overwhelmed by the amount of magical sites available - and are underwhelmed by their content. Pagan and magician net veterans have seen the same material presented over and over. They've found some good sites, but usually surf the web for more or are interested when a new site is announced (though that interest often wanes once they reach the link). People who are net veterans but magick virgins seek helpful information, not manifestos of "we're all wholesome sweetness and light" or twenty blood-dripped spinning pentacles framing one paragraph describing a most eeeevil, incredibly ancient "Vampiric High Arch Druid Shaman" tradition. The recognition of quality sites by methods such as the Intelligent Magick webring helps lead everyone interested in magick to facts and thought-provoking ideas.

Joining the Intelligent Magick Webring

If your site is about anything related to magick, and presents a decent amount of resources, fundamental texts, and/or original content without falsities, you're welcome to apply to the ring and will most likely be accepted. I would like to see a great diversity of magical traditions, practices, and opinions represented in this webring - through well thought-out websites.

It's free and easy to submit your site to the Intelligent Magick webring. Just select 'Join' below to fill out the form, then copy and paste the navigational bar code onto your site. Most place the code on either their front page or a page specially set aside for webrings. And that's it. I'll visit your site, and you'll be notified when it is accepted and has been made active in the ring.

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