Feb 152012

Wheel of Fortune Rider Waite Tarot card

Types of Sites in the Tarot Wheel Webring

Tarot Wheel is a webring for quality Tarot websites on all aspects of the cards. This includes divination, occultism, magick, gaming, history, books, culture, etc.

Requirements for Approval

1) No purely commercial sites. A couple pages about "psychic" services does not make an interesting Tarot site. I don't mind if you do sell readings through your site, just have at least a few pages up with some good information about Tarot.

2) No "bad history" sites or sites spreading blatant misinformation. If there are phrases on your site like, "the origins of Tarot are a mystery", "Tarot is an ancient tool from Egypt", "Tarot cards were designed for use in magick", "Death never means physical death", etc., don't apply. You will not be approved.

3) The page you submit must be the page you place the navigational code on.

That's it! If your site meets these requirements, please join Tarot Wheel today. Just select 'Join' below to fill out the form, then copy and paste the navigational bar code onto your site. Most place the code on either their front page or a page specially set aside for webrings. And that's it. I'll visit your site, and you'll be notified when it is accepted and has been made active in the ring.

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