Nov 172013

how to meditate article series

Part 1: Getting Started

How to make meditation a daily habit. Includes a step-by-step process of how to meditate, when to meditate, and the benefits of meditation.

Part 2: Yogic Breathing

Includes a complete step-by-step process for easing into a yogic breathing practice.

Part 3: Walking Meditation

Discusses the benefits and practice of walking meditation.

Part 4: Conjuring up Confidence

Outlines how you can use meditation to build up your confidence in any situation.

Part 5: The Secret to Getting Powerful Pain Relief with Meditation

Would you like to reduce pain without the chemicals and side effects that accompany medication? You can, with a simple meditation practice.

Part 6: Your Mind is a Garden

Poets, philosophers, and mystics often compare the mind to a garden. In keeping with this idea, you can use meditation to cultivate healthy thoughts. This post includes three meditation outlines using garden themes – planting seeds, observing the change of the seasons, and welcoming the harvest.

Part 7: Quiet the Mind Guided Meditation

This includes a free guided meditation mp3 audio file that will help you learn how to quiet your mind. Quieting your thoughts is an essential part of the meditation process.

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