Nov 122013

meditation to build up confidence

It may surprise you to hear that you can use meditation to build your confidence. The truth is that meditation can be used to strengthen any emotion or skill.

When you meditate, you bring a great amount of awareness into your mind. In those moments of stillness, you hold the power to decide exactly what your life is all about. The past and the future melt away, and all that's left is you. So when you actively decide that you are now a more confident person, you will be!

Bring past successes into the present

First, familiarize yourself with the bodily sensations and emotions associated with confidence. Recall different times in your life when you felt especially confident. How exactly did your body feel? How did you carry yourself? What emotions did you experience?

For example, maybe you remember a time when you entered a competition. You trained hard and you believed in yourself. How did you feel right before the competition began? How did you behave?

Let's say that you now tasked with leading a group of people at work. You're nervous about it because all the details aren’t falling into place. Meditate on the feelings of confidence. Bring the positive emotions and body language from past successes into your present and approach your problem with those positive feelings instead.

Picture the future

Next, picture future circumstances turning out in your favor. When you sit down to meditate, be as detailed as possible in your visions. Stretch your magical skills and incorporate all five senses into your vision. Then, use the confident feelings you know you possess and place them into the situations you're envisioning.

Stay in the now

While out and about in everyday life, you may experience negative emotions, the opposite of confidence, when you're overwhelmed with problems. This is when it's especially important to stay in the now.

Anywhere you are, you can meditate on each breath and bring your awareness to the present moment. Then you'll realize how simple life is among the complexity. You'll be able to calm down. With a clear head, you can then conjure up your confidence.

Meditate daily

Meditation is a skill that takes practice. Just like anything else, when you practice regularly, you'll become better at it. Don’t meditate only when you need to relax! Strive to make meditation a part of your daily spiritual routine.

Soon you'll find you won't have to try as hard to reach your meditative state. Understanding and confidence will become part of your life and you'll feel a greater power within.

It's easy to read about meditation, but it's quite another experience to do it.

In theory, meditating sounds like an easy and delightful practice. The truth is that you're likely to get frustrated or bored at first and you'll probably have internal debates about whether you really have the time for it. Do your best to remain disciplined and keep up with your practice. When you do, you'll experience a true inner peace and confidence like never before.

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