Jan 302012

A daily morning ritual for balance and to celebrate and devote the day to the Gods.
Personalize this ritual to fit your strengths, challenges, and goals. The three 'gifts' for each element should be traits you need to work on and/or traits that you are strong in but still want to encourage.

Upon awakening, go to your altar. Light purifying incense, light a candle in the South, and make Holy Water. Take a few deep breaths, stretch, and begin the rite.

Turn to the East and say:
"East, winds of knowledge,
Thank you for the gifts of wit, honesty, and the mind."

Turn to the South and say:
"South, fire of creativity,
Thank you for the gifts of courage, passion, and the soul."

Turn to the West and say:
"West, waters of empathy,
Thank you for the gifts of kindness, intuition, and the heart."

Turn to the North and say:
"North, cornerstone of strength,
Thank you for the gifts of patience, endurance, and the body."

Kneel before the altar and say:
"Oh gracious Goddess, oh glorious God,
I greet You this morning and ask for Your aid.
I come to You to refresh my mind, soul, heart, and body
So that I may honor You with everything I do and say today.
Every step I take is a step in the Great Work.
I give thanks for the many blessings You have bestowed upon me."

Anoint with Holy Water your feet, knees, womb, breasts, and lips. While doing so, say:
"With this water,
I cleanse myself of all that is useless to me,
Of negativity and anger."

Draw a pentagram over your heart with the incense. While doing so, say:
"In place of these,
I charge myself to use the gifts of the Elements to their potential."

Stand before the altar and say:
"My sight beholds the beauty of the Goddess and God.
My blood is alive with the wisdom of the Ancestors.
The voices of nature resound in my soul.
I nurture my connection with life and the One."

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