Feb 012012
Symbolic Value or Use in Magick
Basil money, harmony; promotes sympathy, happiness, peace
Benison increases power, awakes the conscious mind, peace
Bergamot money, protection
Black Pepper protection, courage, banishing; spices up a romance
Camphor purification, healing (particularly of respiratory problems), chastity
Cardamom love, lust, sexual energy
Cedar balance, spirituality, courage, dreams
Chamomile meditation, peace, dreams
Cinnamon money, lust, purification
Clove courage, protection, sexual attractiveness, lust; adds spice to any situation
Coriander love, health, healing
Cypress consecration, protection, healing (especially of psychological pain), longevity
Eucalyptus health, healing (especially of respiratory problems), purification
Geranium protection, happiness, love
Ginger sexuality, love, courage, money, prosperity
Grapefruit purification; banishes a sour disposition
Jasmine love, dreams, peace, sex
Juniper protection, meditation, purification, healing, communication
Lavender health, peace, relaxation, sleep, purification, fertility, love
Lemon energy, mental clarity, wit, cleansing
Lemon Grass psychic awareness, purification, lust
Lemon Verbena love, purification
Lime purification, cleansing, protection, fertility, love
Magnolia meditation, love, fidelity
Myrrh spirituality, meditation, healing, blessing
Neroli happiness, protection, purification
Oak Moss money, prosperity, fertility
Orange purification, heightened awareness, luck
Palmarosa love, healing, protection
Patchouli money, physical energy, attraction, protection, sex
Peppermint purification, mental energy
Pine purification, money, healing, cleansing
Rose love, peace, sexual desire, beauty, maternal love
Rosemary love, healing, energy; breaks hexes
Sandalwood spirituality, meditation, sex, healing
Sweet Pea new friends, love, happiness
Tangerine strength, power, vitality
Tuberose calm, peace, love, happiness
Vetivert money, prosperity, attractiveness; breaks hexes
Yarrow courage, love, banishes negative entities
Ylang-Ylang love, peace, sex, healing


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