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Ostara Easter eggs

Below are some traditional Pagan symbols used on Easter eggs. In addition to these, you could also celebrate Ostara by using symbols that have meaning in Wicca. Pentacles for the elements or earth, the divine, humanity. Cauldrons for rebirth and wisdom. Cups to represent Water: emotion, healing, adaptability. Swords for Air: clear thought, intellect, learning. Et cetera.


Circles: Protection, everlasting life, continuity, completeness. The Sun, and cycles of life.
Triangles: The elements of air, fire and water.Or just fire (the alchemical symbol for fire is a right side up triangle). The Trinity. Sun, Moon, and Stars.
Suns: The life-giving, all embracing nature of God, especially as the Sun is seen as the God. Fire and warmth, enchantment, prosperity, good fortune. It is the most ancient and significant symbol, appearing on almost every Ukranian egg, from a small circle or dot to an elaborate many-rayed affair.
Tripods: Man, Woman, and Child. Birth, Life and Death.
Dots: Usually represent stars or the Tears of Mary. Also can be the Sun.
Curls: Protection.
Spirals: Mystery of life and death, divinity and immortality.
Crosses: These are usually equal-armed crosses, though not always. Represents the four directions, the four ages of man, the four elements, rebirth and eternal life.


Plants: Rebirth and nature. Very popular symbols.
Trees: Strength, renewal, creation, organic unity, growth, eternal life.
Leaves: Immortality, eternal or pure love, strength, persistence.
Flowers: Beauty, children, female principles of wisdom and elegance.
Fruit: Continuity, good fellowship, strong and loyal love, love of the Divine.
Sunflowers: Motherhood, life, love of the Divine.
Wheat: Bountiful harvest.
Stars and Roses: Popular symbols for purity, life, giver of light, the eye of God, the God's love for humanity. Also success, knowledge, beauty, elegance, and perfection.


Stags: Leadership, victory, joy, masculinity.
Horses: Wealth, prosperity, endurance, speed and the motion of the Sun.
Rams: Leadership, strength, dignity, perseverance. Ram's horns symbolize strong leadership, dignity, and perseverance.
Horns: Mobility, wisdom, triumph over problems, and implies manhood and leadership.
Bear paws: A guardian spirit, bravery, wisdom, strength, endurance, the coming of spring.
Birds: All kinds, are messengers of the Sun and heavens, pushing away evil, fertility, fulfillment of wishes, good harvest.
Bird Parts: (eyes, feet, beaks, combs, feathers) carry the same meaning as entire birds.
Roosters: Good fortune, masculinity, coming of the dawn.
Hens: Fertility. Hen feet offer protection for the young, and guidance.
Goose feet: Symbols of soul or spirit.
Butterflies: Ascent of the soul, pleasure and frivolity of childhood.
Spiders: Patience, artistry, industry, healing and good fortune.
Fish: Abundance, sacrifice, regeneration.


White: Purity, birth, virginity, and ignorance. Historically, a young child would receive eggs with lots of white.
Yellow: Youth, light, purity, happiness, and wisdom.
Red: The most widely used color, for passion, love, enthusiasm.
Orange: Endurance, strength, power.
Green: Renewal, freshness, hope, victory of life over death.
Brown: Earth.
Blue: Sky, good health derived from air.
Purple: Patience, trust, power.
Black: Remembrance, eternity, constancy, death. A black and white combination indicates protection from evil and respect for the dead. Black with red connotes ignorance arising from passion.

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