Jan 312012
Water Correspondences

Here are a large amount of correspondences for the magical element Water, for use in magick and meditation. Category Water Correspondence Celtic name Iar Egyptian name Mu Hebrew name Maim Latin name Aqua Greek name Hydor Direction West Color Blue Alchemical symbol Upside down triangle Gender Female Energy Receptive, passive Qualities Cold and moist, heavy [Read more…]

Jan 302012
Water Meditation

A meditation using the energy of the magical element Water to bring peacefulness and relaxation. Sit, or lay down (if you know you can remain awake), in a comfortable position, keeping your spine straight. Close your eyes. Imagine your body getting lighter. Imagine that a gentle wave of cool water is washing over your body, [Read more…]

Jan 302012
Become One with Water

Each of the four elements has aspects of temperature – cool or warm – and humidity – dry or moist. Water has the qualities of being cool and moist. Week 1 Observe those things around you that have the combined qualities of coolness and moistness. Remember, all of these elemental qualities are relative. When an [Read more…]

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